Rabu, 22 April 2009

Tugas Kapsel Pertemuan 5

. Rabu, 22 April 2009

Tugas Kapsel
Pertemuan 5 : The Future Cryptograph Engineering

Classification into security service :
a) Confidentiality (of message)
b) Integrity (of message)
c) Authentication (of message)
d) Iden tification (of user)
e) Non repudation

Sejarah pembuat protocol Kriptografi :
Tujuan Kriptografi :
a) Untuk akuntabilitas
b) Mencegah penipuan e-commerce
c) Membuktikan authentikasi

Ancaman pada system computer :
a) Penipuan/ pencurian
b) Privacy
c) Criminal attack
d) Electronic vandalism
e) Attacker can attack a system using technique

Apa yang bias dilakukan Cryptograph & apa yang tidak ?
a) A good cryptographic system strikes
b) Strong cryptography can with stand
c) The good mens about cryptograph

System design :
a) Cryptograph blends several areas of mathematics
b) Goog cryptograph know that nothing substitutes….. review
c) Quality system use publishes
d) Cryptographic system design is also an art
e) Science also…

Implementation :
a) There is an enormous difference
b) Cryptographic system designs are fragile
c) Many flaws in implementations cannot be studied in the literature
d) Under pressusre from budgets & deadlines

Cryptograph for people :
a) A well designed system must take people
b) Often the hardest part of cryptography
c) It’s hard to build a system
d) Only when cryptography

The state of security :
a) Today’s system must anticipate future attacks
b) It must

Needs (I) :
a) Kebutuhan kriptografi untuk memproteksi personal data

Needs (II) :
a) Access to encryption technologies is casier & easier

Needs (III) :
a) Interoperability is the cure

Impact (I) :
a) Increasing use of encryption
b) Enterprise – wide approach to encry key management
c) To upgrade existing systems

Impact (II) :
a) Establishing a key management policy
b) Scalability quickly
c) Public key algorithms

Key management concept :
a) Memperhatikan selection criteria
b) Absolute security properties of management system

Quantum key distribution :
a) Quantum cryptography
b) When applied to cryptography
c) In the case of quantum
d) An important quality

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